Garlic available from November - June

 Our garlic can be purchased from a number of retail outlets in East Gippsland and in Melbourne. See the retail outlets page for more information. 

 For more information,  please contact us

Blue Sky Organics currently grows the following varieties of garlic:

Our varieties


Red Rocambole

A hard neck variety with generally small bulbs, few cloves and a strong flavour. Red Rocambole has a red/crimson skin colour on the cloves, and excellent storage.



Tasmanian Purple

A purple hard neck variety which has a strong but not overpowering flavour with large, easy to peel cloves. Typically this variety has approximately 8 - 10 cloves per bulb.




 A white softneck variety with excellent storage. Bulbs are generally smaller, but it makes up for it in taste! A strong flavour however the cloves can be a little harder to peel.



 White Crookneck

 A large, white hard neck variety with generally large cloves and approximately 8 - 10 cloves per bulb. Crookneck has a strong flavour.



Elephant (Russian)

A heritage strain of Russian garlic, which has been growing on our property in Murrindal for 50 + years. A large white variety which is related more closely to a leek than garlic, with a mild flavour similar to an onion, and has a few large cloves per bulb.



We also have plaits available in a variety of sizes. Plaits are the best way to store garlic, and look fantastic hanging in the kitchen. They also make great practical gifts.