Our Property

We grow our garlic on our property "The Pyramids", on the Murrindal River in Murrindal, (near Buchan), in Victoria.

The Pyramids is a very special property nestled in a remote area surrounded by state forest, with the Murrindal River acting as one of our boundaries. The natural phenomenon across the river, known as "The Pyramids", was named due to huge rocks that jut out from the hill, being shaped similarly to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Throughout this area, there are numerous caves, some reportedly 20m wide, with remnants of mega fauna having been found here. The Murrindal river disappears underground through this gigantic rocky hill right next to our property and comes out approximately 1km downstream. Along the river, and throughout the entire area, sink holes exist that are underground caves where water seemingly flows through rocks and disappears. If you stand on top of these sinkholes when the river is flowing, you can actually hear the water falling well under your feet.

Approximately 0.5km downstream there is a 50ft waterfall that flows when the river is in flood. It is absolutely spectacular!

The property also has a 100+ year old cottage that we are in the process of restoring. It was the home of Elizabeth Whelan for many years, where she raised her many children, and was the midwife, (on horseback), for Buchan, Gelantipy and the surrounding district. Below the cottage is also a very old drovers hut, which was used as the last overnight stop for drovers travelling into Buchan in years gone by.

Our garlic is truly organic, as we are surrounded on all sides by bush land, rather than other farms who may use chemicals.


Please note that in order to access The Pyramids Reserve you must cross private land (ours).

Entry onto our property is strictly invitation only, and unless prior arrangements have been made you will be denied access across our land.

Please respect our privacy. 

You must make contact with us before attempting to reach The Pyramids Reserve and the Murrindal River Resurgence.

This area is sensitive due to its historical, ecological and cultural significance and is recognized for its past Aboriginal heritage.  



Looking down at The Pyramids Farm from The Pyramids Caves Reserve 

Looking down at The Pyramids Farm from The Pyramids Cave Reserve


 Our 2011 garlic crop at Murrindal

One of our garlic crops, with the Pyramids in the background

Murrindal garlic cropMurrindal River when not in floodMurrindal River when not in flood

Murrindal river in 2011 floods

Murrindal River in flood

amphitheatre in the Pyramids Caves ReserveAmphitheatre in the Pyramids Caves Reserve